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[AD] BladeMu Season 6 Full & Customs

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[AD] BladeMu Season 6 Full & Customs

Писане  blademu on Пет Мар 14, 2014 4:00 pm

BladeMu MuOnline
Website: BladeMu Season 6 Full & Customs 800x Drop 60%
BladeMu / MuOnline Information:
Server Name: BladeMu
Server Version: Season 6 Full & Customs
Server Location: България - Burgas /
Server UpTime: 24/7

Server Information:
Experience: 800x
Drops: 60%
Bless Bug: On
Reset Lvl: 400
Max Level: 400
Reset Zen: 1 mil
Reset Points: Keep STATS!
Points Per Level: 5/6
Box+1 In Shop Lorencia !
Wings 1 Level in Shop !
Maximum Stats: 32767
Max Resets: 200
Clear Inventory: No
Clear Skills: No
Clear Stats: No

Server Events:

PVP Last Man Standing
Gaion Event
Blood Castle
Blue Event
Medusa Boss
Boss Attack
Castle Siege
Chaos Castle
Cherry Blossom Event/System
Devil Square
Double Goer (Doppel Ganger)
Gens Close Map - Battle of two factions,
duprian and vanert for the control of an map.
Golden Invasion 1
Golden Invasion 2
Green Event - Increase the probability of
drop excellent items in server.
Happy Hour - More exp and drop.
Hide And Seek - Bot which make find events - EVENTS WITHOUT GM. *
Hit and Up
Illusion Temple
Imperial Guardian
Loren Deep
Lucky Penny Event/System - exchange Coin of Luck items.
Moss Merchant
Bot Racer - This is bot which make RACE events.HOT!
Rain Item
Red Dragon Invasion
Sky Event - Play on the sky, the most old
and nice event in mu.
Summer Event - The invasion of Fire Flame
Ghost from Webzen with extra features.
Swamp Event - Swap official event from
Webzen with extra feature.
White Wizzard Invasion
XMas Event - Santa's Map with NPC's
and items .

Event's by GM
Race Event
Trivia Event
Drop Event
Guild Wars Event
Guardian Event
Find Event
PK Event
Survivor Event
Ingame Commands: Add stats: /str, /agi, /ene ... etc.
Gens Chat
Send Party message
Send Guild message
Sends a message to the alliance
Post message to guild members
Make message appear longer
post : Post chat

Website: BladeMu.Com


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Registration date : 03.03.2014

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