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[AD] AngerPlayMU S4 Ep6 Exp:1000x Drop: 70%

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[AD] AngerPlayMU S4 Ep6 Exp:1000x Drop: 70%

Писане  AngerPlay on Пон Юли 04, 2016 2:12 pm

AngerPlayMU Season 4:

- 3 new stone
- Jewel Of Exellent
- Jewel Of Luck
- Jewel Of Divinity - sharpens jewelry
- Game system reset / reset
- Games Grand reset system / grandreset
- Offline trade for Zen, ExPoints, WCoin. / offzen, / offexpoint, / offwcoin
- Global Alert in the opening of a new store offline nickname dealer Online and coordinates
- Game quest system
-TvT Event



[Our Custom]
- 3D Camera (End - On / Off, Home - Restore)
- Chat separately from experience
- Activate the skills to siege
- Mini Card
- Added a PvP setting on cards
- Setting up sales of all items in the store for Zen 0
- Limit the transmission Exellent options through trade, personal shop and sell in a normal shop
- Greeting Player
- Correction of visual bugs
- Complete Fix bug attack speed (Full Speed bug fixed)
- Added Avanta clicker in client

[Wings 2.5 level]

-Jewel Of Chaos
-Jewel Of Creation
-Lochs Feather
-Exellent Items +9 +4 add
-Wings 2 level +9 + 4add
-5000000 zen
The probability of successful cooking 60%

[Wings Level 4]

-Jewel Of Chaos
-Jewel Of Creation
-Crystel Of Condor
-30x Jewel Of Bless
-30x Jewel Of Soul
-Exellent Items +9 + 4add
-Wings 3 level +9 + 4add
-25000000 Zen
The probability of successful cooking 40%

Registration Page is opened.

Vote for credits is ON.(you dont need char for vote)

From the Vote you can get 400++ credits and make them Wcoints

Our Server dont have WEBSHOP!!! (NO WEBSHOP SERVER)

If you want any full items you have to play and vote to get them.

In the GameCashShop all items are full.

Forum: http : // /forum
Website: http : // mu.angerplay. com
Server hosting: [BG]



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